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[audio]Map of Limbo - John Ellis
An album of lost tunes. A car crash of guitar and electronics.John Ellis has played guitar for major UK artists including Peter Gabriel, The Stranglers, Peter Hammill and more. He explores the meeting points of guitar and electronic music. He also writes music for film and art exhibitions.
Downloads: 75
[movies]Vlog Post - John Ellis
What am I looking for?
Keywords: Need Direction
Downloads: 49
[texts]Supersymmetry and Grand Unification - John Ellis
Supersymmetry and Grand Unification are the two most promising directions for physics beyond the Standard Model. They receive indirect experimental support from the apparent lightness of the Higgs boson, the values of the gauge couplings measured at LEP and elsewhere, and the persistent solar neutrino deficit. Phenomenological constraints and theoretical models constrain predictions in interesting ways...
Downloads: 1
[texts]Outlook from SUSY07 - John Ellis
Make-or-break time is near for the Higgs boson and supersymmetry. The LHC will soon put to the sword many theoretical ideas, and define the future for collider physics.
Downloads: 1
[texts]Gauguin's questions in particle physics: Where are we coming from? What are we? Where are we going? - John Ellis
Within particle physics itself, Gauguin's questions may be interpreted as: P1 - What is the status of the Standard Model? P2 - What physics may lie beyond the Standard Model? P3 - What is the `Theory of Everything'? Gauguin's questions may also asked within a cosmological context: C1 - What were the early stages of the Big Bang? C2 - What is the material content of the Universe today? C3 - What is the future of the Universe? In this talk I preview many of the topics to be discussed in the plenar...
Downloads: 1
[collection]John Ellis - John Ellis
Download free music. Concerts in the Live Music Archive are available for download and streaming in formats including flac, mp3, and ogg vorbis.
Downloads: 6
[texts]Beyond the Standard Model at the LHC and Beyond - John Ellis
Many of the open questions beyond the Standard Model will be addressed by the LHC, including the origin of mass, supersymmetry, dark matter and the possibility of large extra dimensions. A linear e+ e- collider (LC) with sufficient centre-of-mass energy would add considerable value to the capabilities of the LHC.
Downloads: 1
[texts]Testing the Standard Model and Beyond - John Ellis
This paper is based on lectures presented to mathematical physicists and attempts to provide an overview of the present status of the Standard Model, its experimental tests, phenomenological and experimental motivations for going beyond the Standard Model via supersymmetry and grand unification, and ways to test these ideas with particle accelerators.
Downloads: 1
[texts]Supersymmetry for Alp Hikers - John Ellis
These lectures provide a phenomenological introduction to supersymmetry, concentrating on the minimal supersymmetric extension of the Standard Model (MSSM). In the first lecture, motivations are provided for thinking that supersymmetry might appear at the TeV scale, including the naturalness of the mass hierarchy, gauge unification and the probable mass of the Higgs boson. In the second lecture, simple globally supersymmetric field theories are introduced, with the emphasis on features important...
Downloads: 1
[texts]Polarization puts a New Spin on Physics - John Ellis
Polarization and spin effects are useful for probing the Standard Model, in both the electroweak sector and the strong sector, where the spin decomposition of the nucleon is still a hot topic, with important new data on the net polarizations of the gluon and the strange quarks. Spin phenomena are also useful in searches for new physics, for example via measurements of the anomalous magnetic moment of the muon and searches for electric dipole moments...
[texts]Aspects of M Theory and Phenomenology - John Ellis
A brief review is presented of selected topics, including a world-sheet formulation of M theory, couplings and scales in M phenomenology, the perils of baryon decay and the possible elevation of free-fermion models to true M- or F-theory compactifications.
[texts]Possible Accelerators @ CERN Beyond the LHC - John Ellis
The physics and world-wide accelerator context for possible accelerator projects at CERN after the LHC are reviewed, including the expectation that an e+ e- linear collider in the TeV energy range will be built elsewhere. Emphasis is laid on the Higgs boson, supersymmetry and neutrino oscillations as benchmarks for physics after the LHC. The default option for CERN's next major project may be the CLIC multi-TeV e+ e- collider project...
Downloads: 3
[texts]Astroparticle Aspects of Supersymmetry - John Ellis
After recalling the motivations for expecting supersymmetry to appear at energies below 1 TeV, the reasons why the lightest supersymmetric particle is an ideal candidate for cold dark matter are reviewed from a historical perspective. Recent calculations of the relic density including coannihilations and rapid annihilations through direct-channel Higgs boson poles are presented. The experimental constraints from LEP and elsewhere on supersymmetric dark matter are reviewed, and the prospects for ...
Downloads: 1
[texts]Summary of Neutrino 2000 - John Ellis
Aspects of neutrino physics beyond the Standard Model are emphasized, including the emerging default options for atmospheric and solar neutrino oscillations, namely nu_mu to nu_tau and nu_e to nu_{mu,tau} respectively, and the need to check them, the prospects opened up by the successful starts of SNO and K2K, the opportunities for future long-baseline neutrino experiments and high-energy astrophysical neutrinos...
Downloads: 4
[texts]Particle Candidates for Dark Matter - John Ellis
Some particle candidates for dark matter are reviewed in the light of recent experimental and theoretical developments. Models for massive neutrinos are discussed in the light of the recent atmospheric-neutrino data, and used to motivate comments on the plausibility of different solutions to the solar neutrino problem. Arguments are given that the lightest supersymmetric particle should be a neutralino \chi, and accelerator and astrophysical constraints used to suggest that 50 GeV \lappeq m_\chi...
[texts]Searching for Particle Physics Beyond the Standard Model at the LHC and Elsewhere - John Ellis
Following a general introduction to open questions beyond the Standard Model, the prospects for addressing them in the new era opened up by the LHC are reviewed. Sample highlights are given of ways in which the LHC is already probing beyond previous experiments, including the searches for supersymmetry, quark and gluon substructure and microscopic black holes.
Downloads: 2
[etree]John Ellis Live at Louisiana Music Factory on 2008-04-30 - John Ellis
1. All Up in the House 2. Trash Bash 3. 4. Zydeco Clowns
Keywords: Picklemic; instore; aud; 16 bit; cd burning; Jazzfest
Downloads: 52
[texts]Physics Beyond the Standard Model - John Ellis
The Standard Model is in good shape, apart possibly from g_\mu - 2 and some niggling doubts about the electroweak data. Something like a Higgs boson is required to provide particle masses, but theorists are actively considering alternatives. The problems of flavour, unification and quantum gravity will require physics beyond the Standard Model, and astrophysics and cosmology also provide reasons to expect physics beyond the Standard Model, in particular to provide the dark matter and explain the...
Downloads: 3
[etree]John Ellis Live at Chris' Jazz Cafe on 2008-09-20 - John Ellis
Set 1: 01. All Up In the Aisles 02. Trash Bash 03. Dream and Mosh 04. Kids Are People Too (Dr. Seuss song) 05. Zydeco Clowns on the Lam 06. Confirmation (Charlie Parker) 07. Prom Song Set 2: 01. Three Legged Tango in Jackson Square 02. Tattooed Teen Waltzes With Grandma 03. One For the Kelpers 04. You Are Special (Mr. Rogers song) 05. Zydeco Clowns on the Lam 06. I Miss You Molly 07. Dance Like There's No Tomorrow
Downloads: 83
[texts]Future of Heavy-Flavour Physics - John Ellis
The prospects for the coming Golden Age of heavy-flavour physics are discussed from the perspective of one who hopes it may provide a window onto physics beyond the Standard Model. Precise QCD calculations are necessary for accurate determinations of CKM parameters, and may be provided by the lattice and new perturbative techniques. The future of CKMology in the wake of the relatively small branching ratio for B_d -> pi pi are discussed, including alternative strategies for measuring alpha and g...
Downloads: 4
[texts]Particle Physics at Future Colliders - John Ellis
The search for physics beyond the Standard Model motivates new high-energy accelerators, which will require high luminosities in order to produce interesting new heavy particles. Using the Higgs boson and supersymmetry as examples, we discuss the capabilities of the LHC and $e^+ e^-$ linear colliders in the TeV and multi-TeV energy ranges to discover and study new particles.
Downloads: 6
[texts]Sneutrino Inflation - John Ellis
The seesaw model of neutrinos might explain the size, age, flatness and near-homogeneity of the Universe via sneutrino inflation, as well as explaining the origin of matter via leptogenesis. The sneutrino inflation hypothesis makes specific, testable predictions for cosmic microwave background observables, which are compatible with the first release of data from WMAP, and for flavour-violating charged-lepton decays...
Downloads: 3
[texts]Problems and Prospects in Spin Physics - John Ellis
This talk reviews some of the hot topics in spin physics and related subjects, including perturbative QCD predictions for polarized parton distributions and their possible behaviours at small x, the Bjorken and singlet sum rules and the treatment of higher orders in perturbative QCD, different interpretations of the EMC spin effect including chiral solitons and the axial U(1) anomaly, other experimental indications for the presence of strange quarks in the nucleon wave function, implications for...
Downloads: 1
[texts]Prospects for New Physics at the LHC - John Ellis
High-energy collisions at the LHC are now starting. The new physics agenda of the LHC is reviewed, with emphasis on the hunt for the Higgs boson (or whatever replaces it) and supersymmetry. In particular, the prospects for discovering new physics in the 2010-2011 run are discussed.
Downloads: 3
[texts]Current Issues in the Phenomenology of Particle Physics - John Ellis
The present status of the Standard Model and its experimental tests are reviewed, including indications on the likely mass of the Higgs boson. Also discussed are the motivations for supersymmetry and grand unification, searches for sparticles at LEP, neutrino oscillations, and the prospects for physics at the LHC.
Downloads: 1
[texts]The Physics Prospects for CLIC - John Ellis
Following a brief outline of the CLIC project, this talk summarizes some of the principal motivations for an e+ e- collider with E_CM = 3 TeV. It is shown by several examples that CLIC would represent a significant step beyond the LHC and ILC in its capabilities for precision measurements at high energies. It would make possible a complete study of a light Higgs boson, including rare decay modes, and would provide a unique tool to study a heavy Higgs boson...
Downloads: 4
[texts]Hunting Down Interpretations of the HERA Large-Q^2 data - John Ellis
Possible interpretations of the HERA large-Q^2 data are reviewed briefly. The possibility of statistical fluctuations cannot be ruled out, and it seems premature to argue that the H1 and ZEUS anomalies are incompatible. The data cannot be explained away by modifications of parton distributions, nor do contact interactions help. A leptoquark interpretation would need a large tau-q branching ratio. Several R-violating squark interpretations are still viable despite all the constraints, and offer i...
Downloads: 5
[texts]Looking Back at the First Decade of 21st-Century High-Energy Physics - John Ellis
On the occasion of the Tenth Conference on String Phenomenology in 2011, I review the dramatic progress since 2002 in experimental tests of fundamental theoretical ideas. These include the discovery of (probably fermionic) extra dimensions at the LHC, the discovery of dark matter particles, observations of charged-lepton flavour violation, the debut of quantum gravity phenomenology and the emergence of space-time from the string soup.
Downloads: 1
[texts]New Light on Dark Matter from the LHC - John Ellis
The prospects for detecting a candidate supersymmetric dark matter particle at the LHC are reviewed, and compared with the prospects for direct and indirect searches for astrophysical dark matter, on the basis of a frequentist analysis of the preferred regions of the Minimal supersymmetric extension of the Standard Model with universal soft supersymmetry breaking (the CMSSM) and a model with equal but non-universal supersymmetry-breaking contributions to the Higgs masses (the NUHM1)...
Downloads: 2
[texts]Particles and Cosmology: Learning from Cosmic Rays - John Ellis
The density budget of the Universe is reviewed, and then specific particle candidates for non-bayonic dark matter are introduced, with emphasis on the relevance of cosmic-ray physics. The sizes of the neutrino masses indicated by recent atmospheric and solar neutrino experiments may be too small to contribute much hot dark matter. My favoured candidate for the dominant cold dark matter is the lightest supersymmetric particle, which probably weighs between about 50 GeV and about 600 GeV...
Downloads: 3
[texts]Heavy-Ion Collisions and Black Holes in Anti-de-Sitter Space - John Ellis
Recent developments linking non-perturbative quantum gauge theories in Minkowski space to classical gravity theories in anti-de-Sitter space are reviewed at a simple level. It is suggested how these spectacular advances may be extended to discuss the quark-gluon phase transition in terms of black holes in anti-de-Sitter space, with possible relevance to heavy-ion collisions.
Downloads: 3
[texts]Strangeness and Hadron Structure - John Ellis
The nucleon wave function may contain a significant component of ssbar pairs, according to several measurements including the pi-nucleon sigma term, charm production and polarization effects in deep-inelastic scattering. In addition, there are excesses of phi production in LEAR and other experiments, above predictions based the naive Okubo-Zweig-Iizuka rule, that may be explained if the nucleon wave function contains a polarized ssbar component...
Downloads: 1
[texts]Physics Goals of the Next Century @ CERN - John Ellis
After recalling briefly the main physics issues beyond the Standard Model, the main physics objectives of experiments at CERN in the coming decade(s) are reviewed. These include the conclusion of the LEP programme during the year 2000, a limited number of fixed-target experiments during the following years, the CNGS long-baseline neutrino programme and the LHC, both scheduled to start in 2005. Then possible accelerator projects at CERN after the LHC are reviewed, in the expectation that an $e^+ ...
Downloads: 4
[texts]Beyond the Standard Model for Hillwalkers - John Ellis
In the first lecture, the Standard Model is reviewed, with the aim of seeing how its successes constrain possible extensions, the significance of the apparently low Higgs mass indicated by precision electroweak experiments is discussed, and defects of the Standard Model are examined. The second lecture includes a general discussion of the electroweak vacuum and an introduction to supersymmetry, motivated by the gauge hierarchy problem...
Downloads: 1
[etree]John Ellis Live at Chris' Jazz Cafe on 2008-09-20 - John Ellis
1st set 01. All Up In the Aisles 02. "John speaks" 03. Trash Bash 04. Dream and Mosh 05. "Dr. Seuss Song Intro" * 06. Kids Are People Too* 07. Zydeco Clowns on the Lam 08. Confirmation 09. Prom Song 2nd set 01. Three Legged Tango in Jackson Square 02. Tattooed Teen Waltzes With Grandma 03. One For the Kelpers 04. "Mr. Roger's Song Intro" 05. You Are Special 06. "Zydeco Clowns Intro" 07. Zydeco Clowns on the Lam 08...
Keywords: John Ellis and Doublewide; Ari Hoenig; Jesse Chandler; New Orleans; Jazz; soundbetter
Downloads: 469
[texts]From Little Bangs to the Big Bang - John Ellis
The `Little Bangs' made in particle collider experiments reproduce the conditions in the Big Bang when the age of the Universe was a fraction of a second. It is thought that matter was generated, the structures in the Universe were formed and cold dark matter froze out during this very early epoch when the equation of state of the Universe was dominated by the quark-gluon plasma (QGP). Future Little Bangs may reveal the mechanism of matter generation and the nature of cold dark matter...
Downloads: 1
[texts]Learning Physics from the Cosmic Microwave Background - John Ellis
The Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) provides a precious window on fundamental physics at very high energy scales, possibly including quantum gravity, GUTs and supersymmetry. The CMB has already enabled defect-based rivals to inflation to be discarded, and will be able to falsify many inflationary models. In combination with other cosmological observations, including those of high-redshift supernovae and large-scale structure, the CMB is on the way to providing a detailed budget for the density...
Downloads: 11
[etree]John Ellis Live at Donna's Bar and Grill on 2008-05-03 - John Ellis
John Ellis & Doublewide: John Ellis: Saxophones Jason Marsalis: Drums Brian Coogan: Organ (Not present) Matt Perrine: Sousaphone Set 1 [46:48] 01. "Intro" [1:42] 02. All Up In The Aisles [14:07] 03. "Coogan Asks" [1:08] 04. Trash Bash [11:56] 05. Dream and Mosh [12:55] 06. "LMF Talk > Molly Intro" [3:00] 07. I Miss You Molly (cut)* [1:56] Set 2 [69:37] 01. Three Legged Tango in Jackson Square [18:05] 02...
Keywords: John Ellis and Doublewide; Jason Marsalis; Brian Coogan; Jazzfest; New Orleans; soundbetter
Downloads: 461
[texts]Astroparticle physics - A Personal Outlook - John Ellis
At the request of the organizers, this talk surveys some of the hot topics discussed at this meeting, giving my {\it subjective views} on them. Subjects covered include the present age and Hubble expansion rate of the Universe - {\it inflation theorists need not yet abandon $\Omega = 1$}, theories of structure formation in the light of COBE and other data - {\it my favourite is a flat spectrum of initial perturbations subsequently amplified by mixed hot and cold dark matter}, neutrino masses and...
Downloads: 9
[etree]John Ellis Live at Blue Nile on 2008-05-04 - John Ellis
John Ellis & Doublewide: John Ellis: Saxophones Jason Marsalis: Drums Brian Coogan: Organ Matt Perrine: Sousaphone Setlist (partial) 01. [cut] > Trash Bash [0:52] 02. "Band Intros" [1:39] 03. Dream and Mosh [11:29] 04. Three Legged Tango in Jackson Square* [11:44] 05. "Band Intros" [1:20] 06. "Zydeco Clowns Story" [1:28] 07. Zydeco Clowns on the Lam [9:24] Total Runtime [37:59] http://www.myspace.com/johnellisband http://www.myspace.com/jasonmarsalismusic http://www.myspace.com/briancooganmusic ...
Keywords: John Ellis and Doublewide; Jason Marsalis; Brian Coogan; Matt Perrine; Jazzfest; New Orleans; soundbetter
Downloads: 350
[texts]Today's View on Strangeness - John Ellis
There are several different experimental indications, such as the pion-nucleon sigma term and polarized deep-inelastic scattering, which suggest that the nucleon wave function contains a hidden s bar s component. This is expected in chiral soliton models, which also predicted the existence of new exotic baryons that may recently have been observed. Another hint of hidden strangeness in the nucleon is provided by copious phi production in various N bar N annihilation channels, which may be due to...
Downloads: 3
[etree]John Ellis Live at Southpaw on 2003-05-27 - John Ellis
One Set Show: 01. 02. 03. 04. 05. 06.
Keywords: John Ellis Quartet; Stage Lip; Schoeps; mk21; cmc6; cmc621; 16 bit; microburst
Downloads: 20
[texts]Testing Fundamental Physics with High-Energy Cosmic Rays - John Ellis
Cosmic rays may provide opportunities for probing fundamental physics. For example, ultra-high-energy cosmic rays might originate from the decays of metastable heavy particles, and astrophysical gamma rays can be used to test models of quantum gravity. Both scenarios offer ways to avoid the GZK cut-off.
Downloads: 1
[texts]Physics at LHC - John Ellis
The prospects for physics at the LHC are discussed, starting with the foretaste, preparation (and perhaps scoop) provided by the Tevatron, in particular, and then continuing through the successive phases of LHC operation. These include the start-up phase, the early physics runs, the possible search for new physics in double diffraction, the continuation to nominal LHC running, and the possible upgrade of the LHC luminosity...
Downloads: 3
[etree]John Ellis Live at 8x10 on 2010-03-01 - John Ellis
Set 1 (63:19) 01. Okra & Tomatoes 02. Fauxfessor 03. "Band Intros" 04. Dewey Dah 05. Puppet Mischief 06. "Zydeco Clowns backstory" 07. Zydeco Clowns on the Lam 08. Break Tune Set 2 (61:07) 01. "Cow Talk" 02. Bovine Boogaloo 03. Dubinland Carnival 04. Chorale > Heroes De Accion 05. "Shot Break" 06. Three-Legged Tango In Jackson Square 07. This Too Shall Pass Total Runtime: 124:26 John Ellis and Doublewide: John Ellis: Saxophones Brian Coogan: Wurlitzer Matt Perrine: Sousaphone Jason Marsalis: Dru...
Keywords: Jazz; New Orleans; Doublewide; John Ellis; Brian Coogan; Matt Perrine; Jason Marsalis; Alan Ferber; Gregoire Maret; soundbetter
Downloads: 330
[texts]The Avoidable causes of disease, insanity, and deformity - John Ellis
Book digitized by Google and uploaded to the Internet Archive by user tpb.
Downloads: 166
[texts]Future Perspectives at CERN - John Ellis
Current and future experiments at CERN are reviewed,with emphasis on those relevant to astrophysics and cosmology. These include experiments related to nuclear astrophysics, matter-antimatter asymmetry, dark matter, axions, gravitational waves, cosmic rays, neutrino oscillations, inflation, neutron stars and the quark-gluon plasma. The centrepiece of CERN's future programme is the LHC, but some ideas for perspectives after the LHC are also presented.
Downloads: 4
[movies]He Is Human - John Ellis
A brief moment to reflect that the man behind the blog is human, equal, and alive...
Keywords: Gay; Abuse; Human; Life
Downloads: 81
[etree]John Ellis Live at Chris' Jazz Cafe on 2008-09-20 - John Ellis
Set 1: 01. All Up In the Aisles 02. Trash Bash 03. Dream and Mosh 04. Kids Are People Too (Dr. Seuss song) 05. Zydeco Clowns on the Lam 06. Confirmation (Charlie Parker) 07. Prom Song Set 2: 01. Three Legged Tango in Jackson Square 02. Tattooed Teen Waltzes With Grandma 03. One For the Kelpers 04. You Are Special (Mr. Rogers song) 05. Zydeco Clowns on the Lam 06. I Miss You Molly 07. Dance Like There's No Tomorrow
Downloads: 593 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(2 reviews)
[texts]Limits on Sparticle Dark Matter - John Ellis
Arguments are given that the lightest supersymmetric particle should be a neutralino $\chi$. Minimizing the fine tuning of the gauge hierarchy favours $\Omega_{\chi} h^2 \sim 0.1$. There are important constraints on the parameter space of the MSSM from the stability of the electroweak vacuum. Co-annihilation with the next-to-lightest supersymmetric particle is potentially significant. Incorporating the latest accelerator constraints from LEP and elsewhere, we find that 50 GeV $\lappeq m_\chi \la...
Downloads: 2
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